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    The 12ft Heavy Duty Tripod Ladder offers the perfect solution for gaining access on uneven ground or difficult to reach places, and has a maximum load of 150kg

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    The 4ft Standard Tripod Ladder offers the perfect solution for gaining access on uneven ground or difficult to reach places. Tripod Ladders are ideal for landscapers, tree surgeons and gardeners.

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    Henchman Midi Hi Step Platform The Henchman Midi Hi Step Platform is a level, stable and spacious working platform, which is safe to use whilst leaning in three directions.

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    Platform Tripod Ladder 6ft Semi Adjustable The 6ft Semi Adjustable Platform Tripod Ladder has a 3 foot high, 7 inch deep platform rung, one adjustable leg, and is suitable for moderately uneven or sloping terrain.

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Tripod Ladders

Tripod Ladders

Need a ladder to trim the top of your hedge, or to prune a large shrub or tree?

We have a fantastic range of Tripod Ladders that are the most practical access solution for gardeners, landscapers, and tree surgeons.

Their 3 legs, broad base and telescopic rear leg make them suitable for use on uneven ground, slopes and steps.

They offer the perfect solution for pruning hedges due to their triangular footprint giving an easy working position and their stability which does not require a second man to support the ladder.

Tripod ladders save you time and money, while making your work so much easier.

Tripod Ladders for Great Stability

The wide front legs and telescopic 3rd leg, together with clawed anti-slip feet and double runged steps, mean they are very stable, even on uneven ground.

Made from high grade aluminium alloy with an all welded structure, they have a fantastic strength to weight ratio.

Tripod Ladders are ideal for use when hedge cutting, working in the orchard, window cleaning, greenhouse cleaning, caravan and campervan cleaning, conservatory cleaning, and many other jobs around the garden.

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Tripod Ladders

What makes a Tripod Ladder safer than a normal ladder?

Three is the magic number! Provided you can get your Tripod Ladder to stand up, it is impossible for all three feet not to be in firm contact with the ground, no matter how uneven your garden is. And because of the wide triangular footprint that the splayed legs create you are almost certain to remain within it and therefore prevent wobbling.